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E-Waste Recycling India is Leading Electronic Waste Recyclers in Mumbai India began operations from 2013, is occupied with taking care of, reusing and reusing of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in eco benevolent way.


The activity is to go for lessening the aggregation of utilized and tossed electronic and electrical equipment’s, which most wind up in landfills or somewhat reused in an unhygienic conditions by patio Recyclers and afterward incompletely tossed into waste streams harming the environment.


The goal of e-Waste Recycling India is to make a chance to move waste into socially and modernly gainful crude materials like profitable metals, plastics and glass utilizing basic, cost productive, home developed, natural benevolent innovations suitable to Indian Conditions.

Our Services

Recycling of Electronics Waste

Electronic waste or e-waste portrays disposed of electrical or electronic gadgets. Utilized hardware which are bound for reuse, resale, rescue, reusing or transfer are additionally considered as e-waste. Casual handling of electronic waste in creating nations may bring about genuine wellbeing and contamination issues, as these nations have restricted administrative oversight of e-waste preparing.

Recycling of Toner Cartridge

E-waste contains numerous profitable, recoverable materials, for example, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, plastics, and ferrous metals. Keeping in mind the end goal to preserve normal assets and the vitality expected to create new electronic hardware from virgin assets, electronic gear can be restored, reused, and reused as opposed to being landfilled.

Onsite Hard Disk Shredding/ Scraping

We are giving to our regarded customers the very dependable Hard Disk Shredding Scraping Services. Prior to the plate destroying, the spared information is deliberately recovered by our IT specialists. We have utilized most recent and propelled IT advancements and instruments. By profiting these Hard Disk Shredding Scraping Services the plate has been totally destructed and reused for further utilize.

Data Wiping

Information eradication is a product based technique for overwriting the information that means to totally wreck all electronic information living on a hard circle drive or other computerized media. Changeless information eradication goes past essential document erasure charges, which just evacuate direct pointers to the information plate areas and make the information recuperation conceivable with normal programming apparatuses.

Refurbishing PC for Rural Areas and NGO’s

The NGO is working in tribal region of Maharashtra state of Thane District from last 15 years.The NGO mainly focuses on environment,water harvesting,Child education & training.

100% Data Destruction

Information annihilation is the procedure of obliterating information put away on tapes, hard circles and different types of electronic media so it is totally indiscernible and can’t be gotten to or utilized for unapproved purposes.

What is eWaste Recycling ?

eWaste alludes to any tossed waste electrical or electronic gear – fundamentally anything that has an attachment or keeps running on batteries. It incorporates every cell telephone, portable workstations, PCs, TVs and other electronic gadgets that have come to the end of their valuable lives. These tossed gadgets contain various poisons that can bring about natural contamination and serious wellbeing perils if not arranged mindfull

eWaste Recycling Benifits

* Recycling Helps Protect The Environment
* Recycling Helps Conserve Limited Resources
* Recycling Promotes Energy Efficiency
* Recycling Helps Build A Stnong Economy
* Recycling Creates Jobs
* Recycling Builds Community
* Recycling Can Be Financially Rewarding

eWaste Recycling Network

eWasterecyclingindia has started recycling facilities and collection centers in Major Metros like Mumbai, Gujrat, Delhi, Hyderabad and Uttar Pradesh. The facilities in Kerala and Chennai are about to start operations in next few months. We are also planning to start recycling facilities in Kolkatta, Pune, lndore and Jaipur over next one year and also collection centers all over India.

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