Television Recycling

Recycle Your Old Television & Other Electronics

EWR India will reuse your old TV in a sheltered and manageable way. Consider the certainty the numerous city regions have effectively banned arranging old TVs in garbage containers. This is on account of TVs can be exceptionally lethal to the earth. There could be up to eight pounds of lead in your old TV, and at EWR India, we guarantee you we will arrange TVs in a naturally safe manner. At EWR India we have a zero landfill arrangement. This incorporates our surety that your e-waste won’t be sent abroad to creating countries.

Recycle Your Old Television & Other Electronics


TVs are available in each home, normally various sets. Individuals affection viewing their most loved motion pictures, TV shows, games and news, and few individuals don’t having a TV set. Individuals purchase TVs in diverse sizes and sorts like Plasma, LCD, LED, CRTs and projection TVs, however now the lion’s share of buyers are moving up to LED TVs because of their undeniable favorable circumstances, for example, ideal vitality utilization, low weight, better survey points and brighter picture amid the day. This has prompted a ton of more established TVs getting to be outdated, regardless of the possibility that they are still actually living up to expectations or could be renovated.
TVs keep going for quite a while if looked after appropriately. Regarding reusing old TVs upon a redesign, numerous individuals simply discard them like whatever other thing without stressing over the repulsive negative outcomes of such activities. Simply envision billions of individuals around the globe dumping their TVs onto landfills – landfills which are developing at a disturbing rate. This has prompted a substantial scale debasement of our surroundings, bringing about an increment in air contamination, water contamination, an increment in the creation of nursery gasses and different issues influencing our surroundings, as well as our wellbeing as well.
What would we be able to do about this issue? The best arrangement is to reuse TVs in an ecologically inviting way. There are diverse approaches to go about this, and All Green Recycling makes it staggeringly simple and effortless.
We do offer drop-off areas for the reusing of TVs, however in the event that your TV is excessively massive for you, making it impossible to get it to one of our across the country drop-off focuses we offer a free doorstep pickup administration. In the event that you have chosen to mastermind the organization pickup alternative, then the procedure is entirely basic. Simply ring All Green and we will send somebody to go to your home and get the TV at a helpful time with least exertion on your part.

In the event that TVs are reused painstakingly in this way, we as a progress stand to pick up a great deal. The diverse materials in TVs like plastic and metals can be reused in the advancement of new innovation, and every single perilous material like mercury can be discarded appropriately, which defends and ensures our surroundings for future generations.


We keep on seeing the development of the TV set, from CRTs to plasmas, to LCDs to LED, and HD to 4k and Smart TVs. A substantial hardware thing that requires the highest consideration upon transfer, TVs make up a noteworthy part of the reusing work that we perform at All Green Recycling. TV sets incorporate non-renewable material that must be reused or repurposed on the off chance that we are to spare the planet. Permit All Green Recycling so as to recycle to help you do your part your old TVs sets.

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