Telephone Recycling

Recycle Your Old Telephone & Other Electronics

A key focus for the lessening of valuable metals on landfills by regional standards and abroad, phones (both landlines and cellular telephones) tend to go old rapidly and get tossed out in the garbage. For the capable stewardship of our planet, EWR India is your accomplice regarding the matter of discarding your old phones in a naturally inviting way. Permit us to reuse and re-utilize those uncommon metals and materials, and do your part for the protection of our planet.

Recycle Your Old Telephone & Other Electronics


As per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2009 more than 129 million cell phones were discarded contrasted with 11.7 million that were reused. This is a stunning measure of telephones that were discarded without being reused. The significance of reusing both portable and landline telephones can’t be downplayed.

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