animals lived in the sea

Which animals lived in the sea?

For millions of years all life lived in the sea. It was home to a huge variety of creatures, such as shellfish, worms, sponges and jellyfish. None of these animals had backbones.


Is it true?

The very first fish didn’t have jaws.


YES. Instead of jaws to open and close their mouths the very first fish sucked food into their mouths. They are called jawless fish.



Which animals first had backbones?

About 510 million years ago, new kinds of animals appeared in the sea. They were the first fish, and they were the first animals with backbones. Because they had backbones to support their bodies they could become much larger.



Amazing !

In the Indian Ocean is a fish called a coelacanth. It has hardly changed for 350 million years. It is a living fossil.


What were early fish like?

Giant sharks, much larger than any alive today, swam through the oceans. They hunted smaller fish. Armoured fish grew bony plates to protect their soft bodies. Other fish had bodies covered in sharp spines.



When did life first appear on land?

About 440 million years ago, the first life appeared on land. It was simple plant life, similar to today’s mosses. Then, about 400 million years ago, the first land animals – worms, spiders, scorpions and insects – evolved as they moved on to the land.


It is true ?

There are no amphibians alive today.


No. There are many different amphibians in the world today. Forgs, toads and salamanders are all amphibians.

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