Are there any dangers to our food

Some people are worried about genetically modified (GM) foods, where the genes – instructions -have been changed by scientists. Because this has not happened in nature, no one knows how safe these foods are.


Spraying crops with chemicals can harm the delicate balance of nature



Pollen from crops that have had their genes changed can

mix with organically grown crops.


What does ‘organic farming’ mean?

It’s a natural way of farming where crops are grown and animals raised without using man-made chemicals. Also, the plants and animals have not been changed in any way.



Is it true?

G/W crops need fewer pesticides.


YES. Scientists are changing the genes inside some crops so that they can resist diseases and pests on their own.


What can I do about it?

It’s easy, and fun, to grow some foods at home, such as cress and tomatoes. Be organic, so don’t put any chemicals on them. They’ll taste good!



What can I do at home?

Inside the house, start your own recycling centre, collecting materials that can be recycled. Reuse carrier bags, switch off electrical items when they’re not in use, and don’t leave taps dripping. Outside, get composting, and grow your own organic vegetables.



Even an alien would think Earth needs caring for. That’s because there are 100,000 pieces of space junk whizzing around the planet.




What can I do at school?

If your school has a Green Club, join it. If it doesn’t, ask if one can be started. As at home, switch off lights when they’re not in use, and collect paper, cans and glass for recycling. Walk or cycle to    -school. Try to use cars less.


Is it true?

You can make a difference.


YES. Imagine if everyone in your class, your street, even your town recycled things. What a difference that would make!


How can I find out more?

If you would like to help make the Earth a better, safer place to live, now and in the future, you might like to join groups such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth or World Wide Fund for Nature. Your library will have their addresses.

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