Because of the teeming human population

Because of the teeming human population, forests are being cleared to make way for towns and cities. Here, the temperatures are usually several degrees higher than the surrounding rural areas as they contain more trees and plants.

Towns and cities destroy the natural habitats of the wildlife. But there are certain species of plants and animals which have adaptedthemselves according to the conditions prevailing there. One such animal is the red fox. It has a varied diet and eats almost anything it finds. It often raids the dustbins for food thrown by the human beings.

Some species of animals have adapted themselves according to city conditions.

The growing human population has adversely affected the environment in various different ways. The demand for resources increases with the growth in population. To meet those demands, human beings never hesitate to exploit the environment.

Trees are cut to make way for the towns and cities. Plants and trees are usually the first link in all food chains. Felling trees disturbs food chains and affects ecosystems. Population explosion is really a threat to the environment.

Humans are covering the entire earth with a tremendous speed. We are depleting t natural resources provided to us.

Cutting trees and forests is killing the wild life and polluting the healthy living environment.

Human beings destroy the natural habitats of wildlife to create space for towns and cities.

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