Did dinosaurs care for their young

Did dinosaurs care for their young?

Yes, some did. Maiasaura, whose name means ‘good mother lizard’, cared for its young. Parents looked after them until they were old enough to take care of themselves.


Is it true?

Every animal on Earth died out with the dinosaurs.


  1. Lots of animals survived. Birds, mammals, amphibians, insects, small reptiles (lizards), fish, spiders, snails and crocodiles all lived.


Why did dinosaurs die out?

Dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. Many people think this was because a big meteorite (a space rock) hit the Earth. It sent dust into the air which blotted out the Sun. Dinosaurs died because they were too cold and hungry.



How do museums make dinosaur skeletons?


Lots of people are involved, from fossil hunters to people who transport the bones, palaeontologists, laboratory technicians, even artists and photographers. The bones are put together in order and held in place by steel supports.


Is it true?

Artists can help to show what dinosaurs looked like.


YES. When scientists have identified bones, artists draw what the dinosaur might have looked like when it was alive



Do museums use real bones?

No. Original fossils are too heavy and valuable. Instead scientists make copies from light­weight materials and keep the real bones safe.



scientists think that they might have found a missing link between birds and dinosaurs. Sinosauropteryx was a true dinosaur, but it had a feathery covering, and its feet had sharp pointed claws, much like a chicken’s.



How big is the Earth?

The Earth is shaped like a gigantic ball, slightly squashed at the top and bottom. Around its middle, where it’s fattest, it measures 40,075 kilometres. It would take you almost a year to walk right round the Earth, without a rest.



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