How big are hurricanes

Hurricanes can be enormous. Some measure 3,000 kilometres across and even the smallest are about half the size of Britain. Winds inside,  a hurricane can blow at over 300 kph.


Hurricanes can even pick up and dump aeroplanes



If you could collect the energy inside a hurricane for one day and turn it into electricity, it would run the whole USA for six months.


An Atlantic hurricane hits the island of Antigua Eye of hurricane seen from space


Do hurricanes have eyes?

Yes, they do. The eye is a patch of calm, clear weather in the hurricane’s centre. As the eye passes over land, there’s a break in the storm for an hour or so. Then it begins again.



What makes a tornado twist?

A tornado is a fierce, twisting wind which hangs from a thundercloud. It starts when wind inside the cloud starts to spin very quickly. A twisty tornado speeds across the ground, sucking up everything in its way.




Some people track tornadoes for fun. They drive as close to the twister as they dare, then take video films and photographs. It’s a very dangerous hobby!




A tornaldo leaving a trail of damage


Is it true?

Tornadoes can pick up trains.


YES. In 1931, a tornado in Minnesota, USA, picked a train right off its tracks and dumped it in a ditch. Tornadoes Often pick up cars and cows!

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