How much rubbish do people make

Too much! People make rubbish and every household makes lots of it every day. In Britain, every family makes about 1.75 kilograms of rubbish each day. Over one year that adds up to more than half a tonne of rubbish!


Is it true?

Some rubbish is dumped at sea.


YES. Every day thousands of tonnes of rubbish are thrown into the sea. The seabed is littered with rubbish, such as bits of plastic, that never rot

Rubbish flumped at sea


What happens to all this rubbish?

Because so much rubbish is made, it’s a problem to deal with it all. Some is burned inside furnaces. A lot is buried on the land. Some rubbish is collected and sent for recycling. !



The world’s rubbish mountain grows by about 2 million every day.


What can I do less rubbish?

Put the three Rs into practice: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Reduce means use less of something. Reuse means use something again. Recycle is to save something so it can be made into a new thing.



What can I do with glass ?

when glass bottles and jars are empty, wash them out and take them to a bottle bank.; Most supermarkets have them. When they are full, the glass is taken to a factory where it is crushed, melted and made into new bottles and jars.


Amazing !

Around 6 billion glass bottles and jars are used in Britain every year,but only three out of every ten are recycled.



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