The climate of any country or a continent depends on its location

The climate of any country or a continent depends on its location. Countries on or near the equator, generally have a hot climate. This is so because the sunrays fall directly on these areas.

While the countries far away from the equator have cold climate as the sunrays in these areas fall in a slanting way.

Climate of an area also depends on its distanceand altitude from the sea level. Areas at agreater height above the sea level are usuallycolder.

Since the Sun’s rays face directly on the equator, they make the tropics hot.

Penguins can survive the harsh and freezing conditions of the Antarctica.


What do you do when you feel cold? You either wear a pullover or wrap yourself in a blanket. Our Earth also needs a blanket to protect itself from harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. Atmosphere acts like such a blanket for the Earth. It not only protects it from the Sun but also provides the conditions necessary for the sustenance of life on Earth.

Life exists on Earth because of the atmosphere. The atmosphere comprises of five layers: the troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere, thermosphere and the exosphere. We live in the troposphere. This is so because this layer is rich in oxygen which is indispensable element for the survival of life.

This satellite picture of the earth shows three different wave lengths at the same time.

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