What is a sandstorm

A sandstorm is a thick, choking cloud of sand whipped up by the wind in the desert. If you get caught in a sandstorm the best thing to do is cover your nose and mouth. Then you won’t breathe the choking sand in.


The monsoon season can bring severe flooding



Is Earth a healthy planet?

Look at Earth from space and you see a mainly blue, watery planet with swirling white clouds. All looks well, but get closer, and you see a x    different picture. Parts of Earth are unhealthy – and all because of the way we live.


Does Earth need looking after?

Earth is our only home – we can’t live on other planets. We need to look after it to make sure it stays a beautiful, healthy place. If we don’t care for the Earth now, we will spoil it for the people of the future.



Can I help care for the Earth?

There are many things you can do in your everyday life to care for the Earth. This book tells you about some of them. Just think, if everyone did the same as you, Earth would be a better place to live.


Our Solar System has nine planets which orbit the Sun


Is it true?

There is no other planet like Earth.


YES. There is only one Earth. It is special – it is the only planet known to have life on it. Perhaps one day life will be found on another planet, too.



There has been life on Earth for approximately 3.5 billion years.

Why is the temperature rising?

It’s getting warmer because of what the Earth’s 6 billion people are doing. Because of the way we lead our lives, we are changing the Earth’s climate. We are making the planet grow warmer.



There is far more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there was 200 years ago. This is mainly why ifs warmer today than it was in the past.

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