Why do people live near volcanoes

Despite the danger, many people all over the world live near volcanoes. The ash that explodes out of a volcano makes the soil very rich for growing crops. People also use volcanic rock for building.


Is it true?

You only get volcanoes on /an


  1. There are hundreds of volcanoes on land and many more under the sea. Some poke out above the surface to form islands, such as Hawaii.


Why do geysers gush?

Geysers are giant jets of scalding water and steam. They happen in places with lots of volcanoes. The red-hot rocks underground heat water far below the surface until it’s so hot it shoots through a crack.



What makes the Earth shake?

The Earth’s surface is cracked into enormous pieces which drift on the red-hot, runny rock below. Sometimes two pieces push and shove each other, making the Earth shake.


How much damage do

earthquakes cause?


Big earthquakes do lots of damage. Huge cracks open up in the ground. Houses, roads and bridges shake and fall down. In the worst earthquakes, many people are killed and injured by buildings that collapse on top of them.



How do scientists measure

an earthquake?


An earthquake sends shock waves rippling through the ground. Scientists study these waves to see how big the earthquake is. They measure earthquakes on a scale of 1 to 10. Each quake on the scale is 30 times worse than the one before.


Is it true?

People used to think earthquakes were caused by fish.


YES. In Japan, people thought quakes were caused by a giant catfish wriggling about on the sea bed. The gods had to put a rock on the fish’s head to make it stay still!

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