Air is said to be humid when it contains a lot of water vapor

Air is said to be humid when it contains a lot of water vapor. Warm air can hold more moisture. When the air can no longer hold the moisture, the humidity is said to be 100 percent. During this stage, the water vapor condenses and brings fog and rains.

Humidity creates an uncomfortableenvironment for the human beings. Sweat doesnot easily evaporate when humidity is high.

Low humidity is comfortable for us but not forplants.

The amount of water vapor in the air ismeasured by an instrument called hygrometer.

Where humidity is very high, rainfall is heavy. This creates ideal conditions for plants to grow.

A twisted hair inside the house stretches when it is wet and shrinks when it is dry. As it stretches and shrinks, it turns a turntable.

Human body sweats in extreme humid conditions. We tend to loose the essential body fluid, when its extremely hot too.

Do you know?

If the Sun were surrounded by a shell of ice about 1 mile thick, the heat generated by the Sun would melt all the ice in just two hours.

In the regions which are near the North and South Pole, the sun either does not set for several months during the summers or it never rises during the winters.

The coldest temperature ever recorded was taken at Vostock Station, Antarctica, in July 1983. Itwas-89°C.

The last Ice Age was greatest about 18,000 years ago. Ice stretched from the North Poles as far South as The Great Lakes in North America and over most of Britain and Scandinavia.

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