Are animals in danger

Thousands of different animals live on Earth. It is their planet, as well as ours. Sadly, because of what we do, many animals are in danger. An oil spill at sea harms seals, birds and fish. When forests are cut Sown, many animals lose their homes.


How many kinds of animals are in danger?


There are many thousands of different kinds of animals in danger. Some are so rare they are endangered. This means they are almost extinct they have almost died out. If that happens, they will have gone forever.



What is being done to save animals?

Many endangered animals are now protected by law. It is wrong for people to harm them, or the places where they live. Some endangered animals are bred in zoos. This helps to increase their numbers.


Is it true?

Humans are causing animals to die out.


Yes. It’s said that one kind of animal dies out every 30 minutes because of what we’re doing to the planet.


Amazing !

Passenger pigeons used to form flocks of millions of birds, but they were hunted to extinction in the wild. The very last one, named Martha, died in 1914.

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