Is nuclear power dangerous

Nuclear power stations do not burn fossil fuels. Therefore, they do not make harmful gases. But they do make radioactive waste material. It is dangerous and will have to be guarded for many years into future.



Are there alternatives to fossil fuels?


There are other ways to make power. Solar panels collect energy The spinning propellers of wind turbines collect energy from the wind. Each of these energy-collectors makes electricity.



Cars can be powered by all sorts of things – solar power, gas, and even chicken droppings!


Wind turbines convert energy from the wind into electricity



Are there any other types of Earth ?

Many countries small amounts of energy come from rotting plants arid animal dung. The methane they give off is burned to provide light and heat. This type of fuel is called bio-gas.


Are these fuels better for the Earth?

Yes, they are. Solar power, wind bio-gas are cleaner, or ‘green’, forms of energy. They don’t make harmful gases. They don’t pollute the atmosphere. They don’t make acid rain. They don’t harm the ozone layer.


Is it true?

Electricity can be made from water.


YES. Running water is used to make electricity. This is hydroelectric power. The electricity is made by power stations built in or near dams.

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