How can governments reduce carbon dioxide levels

Burning petrol in cars puts carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Governments can build transport systems that don’t make carbon dioxide, and order more trees to be planted.


What can I do to help?

Use less electricity. This is because most electricity comes from burning fossil fuels which makes carbon dioxide. Switch off lights, TVs and computers when not in use.


Is it true?

If the Antarctic ice sheet melted, the sea level would rise.


YES. It holds two-thirds of the Earth’s fresh water. If it melted, the sea would rise by up to 70 metres. Coastlines would change all over the world.



What other problems are caused by burning fossil fuels?


Sulphur dioxide is another harmful gas that comes from power stations and vehicles. It is very acidic, which means it eats things away. In the atmosphere, it mixes with droplets of moisture to make acid rain. Trees die when acid rain if alls on them and on their soil.


Is it true?

Some polystyrene burger cartons are bad for the Earth’s atmosphere.


YES. Some of them are because they’re made using chemicals that damage the ozone layer. Many cartons are now made without these harmful chemicals.


Is Earth’s atmosphere being harmed?

There is a layer of helpful gas around the Earth called ozone. It protects us from the Sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays. Unfortunately, the ozone layer is damaged because humans have put harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.



When a nuclear power station at Chernobyl, Ukraine, exploded in 1986, radioactive mater the atmosphere. Animals acrosl Europe were contaminated by the radiation.



Always use a sunscreen in sunny weather to protect your skin from

the Sun’s rays

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