How high are waterfalls

How high are waterfalls?

The highest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls in Venezuela. It plunges 979 metres down the side of a mountain. Angel Falls are 20 times higher than the famous Niagara Falls in North America.


Is it true?

Rivers into the seal.


YES. Most rivers flow into the sea at their deltas. But some rivers flow into lakes and a few flow into deserts.



Where is the highest lake?

Lake Titicaca in South America is the highest lake on which boats can sail. It’s 3,810 metres up in the Andes Mountains. People who live around the lake build boats from lake reeds.


How are lakes made?

Some lakes formed long ago, in hollows scraped out by ice. These filled with water as the ice melted. Some lakes form in the tops of volcanoes or when a river cuts through a bend.



What is a coral island?

A coral island began life as a coral reef growing around the top of an underwater volcano which stuck out from the sea. When the volcano sank into the sea, it left a horseshoe or ring-shaped coral island behind.



If you lived on the island of Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic, your nearest neighbours would be almost 2,500 ilometres away.


Where is the biggest island?

An island is a chunk of land with water all around it. The biggest island is Greenland, in the icy Arctic Ocean. It measures more than 2 million square  kilometres. Australia is bigger than that, but it usually counts as a continent.

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