Where do rivers begin

Where do rivers begin?

Rivers begin as fast-flowing streams high up on mountainsides. Some streams bubble up from underground. Others flow from lakes or trickle from the tips of icy glaciers when they start to melt. The 1 start of a river is called its source.



The world’s shortest river is D River in Oregon, USA. It’s a tiny 37 metres long.


Is the Nile or the Amazon the

longest river?


The Nile in Egypt is the longest river on Earth. It flows for 6,695 kilometres. The Amazon in South America is just 295 kilometres shorter.



Who builds coral reefs?

Huge coral reefs are built by tiny sea creatures called polyps. The polyps build hard, stony cases around their soft bodies. When they die, the cases are left behind. Millions and millions make a coral reef.


Who dived the deepest?

In 1960, two scientists dived nearly 11 kilometres into the Marianas Trench in the Pacific Ocean. This is the deepest dive ever made. They travelled in a small submersible called Trieste. It took almost five hours to reach the bottom.



Which lake is the biggest?

The biggest freshwater lake on Earth is Lake Superior in North America. It covers 82,350 square kilometres. That’s almost as big as Austria. Lake Superior is one of five huge lakes called the Great Lakes.


Is it true?

There’s a monster in Loch Ness.



Some people say Nessie is a type of prehistoric reptile that lives in the lake. Others say this is nonsense. What do you think?



The Dead Sea in the Middle East is so salty that you can float on the surface. No fish can live in it.



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