Why is the sea salty

Why is the sea salty?

The sea’s salty taste comes from ordinary salt. It’s the same stuff you sprinkle on your food. The rain washes the salt out of rocks on land, then rivers carry it into the sea. The people in the picture are collecting salt left after sea water dries.



Is the sea bed flat?

No, it isn’t. There are mountains, volcanoes and valleys on the sea bed, just as there are on land. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is a long line of undersea mountains in the Atlantic Ocean. Steep underwater valleys are known as trenches.


Is it true?

Deep-sea fish use torches.


YES. It’s pitch black in the deep sea. Some fish make their own lights so they can see in the dark.



The highest mountain on Earth from base to peak isn’t Mt Everest. It’s Mauna Kea in the Pacific. This huge, underwater mountain is 10,203 metres tall. Its top pokes out above the sea to make an island in Hawaii.


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