How will you feel if someone destroys your home

How will you feel if someone destroys your home? Human beings who are so particular about their shelter and belongings do not think even once before destroying the natural habitats of wild species. They must take a pledge to protect the world’s flora and fauna.

We should protect the natural habitats of wildlife. This will help maintain the delicate ecological balance in the biosphere.

Various kinds of ecosystems such as polar lands, tundra lands, mountains, seashores, oceans, rivers and lakes, wetlands, deserts, grasslands and forests support different forms of life in various different ways. Habitats must be protected so that the ecological balance does not get disturbed.

Trees are the supporters of life. They form the first link of all food chains. All living organisms, whether herbivorous or carnivorous depend on plants in one way or the other. Destruction of plants affects food chains and the ecological balance adversely. Hence, it becomes our moral duty to protect the plants.

Trees are often cut down for timber, paper and making lands for construction. But cutting of trees robs the wildlife off their natural habitats. Hence, we should stop cutting of trees and plant as many trees as possible.

Trees are often cut for timber, paper, resin and for making way for towns and cities.

Cutting down of trees should be prevented. We should plant as many trees as we can.

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