With hotels and airports coming up at beaches

hotels and airportsIn the last 30 years, about 85 percent of the world’s rhinoceroses have been killed by the poachers.

With hotels and airports coming up at beaches, birds and reptiles that nest on beaches are disturbed by the noise and bright lights.

Monk seals are some of the rarest seals in the world. There are less then 500 Mediterranean monk seals and 1500 Hawaiian monk seals left, and the Caribbean monk seal is already extinct.

In 1830s, the world population stood at 1000 million. But it took only 100 more years for this population to double itself.

Banning hunting

Bunting has drastically reduced the number of grazing animals and their predators on grasslands. Where hunting is banned, people still poach, or hunt illegally. Many of the rare species are hunted and collected to fill the zoos. This is an evil practice which must be stopped at all costs.

These days, governments of all countries have become very strict against poaching. Poachers, if caught, are severely punished. There are areas of countryside all over the world that have been set aside as wildlife reserves. Here, the plants and animals are protected from hunters and collectors of species.

Governments of all countries have banned hunting but it is still practiced illegally.

Plants and animals need to be protected from hunters and poachers.

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