Desertification is defined as the spread of deserts all over

DesertificationDesertification is defined as the spread of deserts all over. It is one of the major threats to the environment. It is the outcome of the activities of the people living on the outskirts of deserts. These activities include grazing of animals and cutting down of trees for building.

Desertification is particularly a big problem in the areas which receive very less rainfall. Such areas have very few nutrients which in turn take a very long time to cycle through the ecosystem.

Destruction of habitats

Human beings are very selfish. They never hesitate to damage the ecosystems for serving their own purposes. Various evil human practices have resulted in the destruction of the natural habitats of wildlife.

Human beings destroy the natural habitats for their own selfish motives.

Construction of dams across the rivers changes the nature of the river which makes it difficult for some species of plants and animals to adapt so they die.

Cutting down of trees for timber and using the lands for cattle ranches and farms, or to mine for oil and metals also snatch the natural homes from various different species of plants and animals.

Towns and cities are establishedat the cost of rich ecosystems.

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