Species of plants and animals are becoming extinct at a much faster rate

Species of plantsSpecies of plants and animals are becoming extinct at a much faster rate today than they did perhaps a couple of centuries ago. Some of the reasons are destruction of their habitats, pollution, poaching and illegal collection of rare species.

Making an estimate of how fast the species are dying out is slightly difficult but a research suggests that about 100 species disappear in one day. In the next 20 years, more than a million species are expected to vanish from the face of the planet. The extinction of species has disturbed food chains and hence affecting the ecosystem.

As discussed earlier, wetlands are some of the richest ecosystems of the world. But at the same time, they are the most endangered ecosystems too. More than half of the wetlands have already been destroyed. There are various natural processes like rise in sea level, drought and violent storms which are responsible for their destruction.

Apart from that, many have been destroyed by human beings. The drainage of wetlands undoubtedly offers a good control over floods and insects which makes the place safer for human beings. But this practice destroys the natural habitat of the plants and animals that thrive in the region.

Wetlands 1 are rich in wildlife especially insects, fish and birds.

Drainage for towns and factories, pollutions, mining for fuels and minerals, cutting down of trees are responsible for wetland destruction.

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